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Is Knob and Tube Wiring in Your Tacoma, WA Home?

Knob and tube wiring can be dangerous. Find out if it was used in your home by contacting a professional. At Harris Electric, we can provide clients in Tacoma, WA, with the help they need to get peace of mind.
What Is Knob & Tube Wiring?

Knob and tube wiring is an older style of wiring commonly found in homes built before 1950. Also called K&T wiring, it works by running copper conductors through tubes tied down with porcelain knobs—hence the name. Unfortunately, this style of wiring can be relatively dangerous; it’s not grounded, which poses a huge safety risk to both appliances and people. In addition, all the wires are wrapped in a rubber cloth, which can deteriorate over time—causing potentially serious problems.

There are a couple of ways to figure out if you have knob & tube wiring. First, check the basement or attic. If you notice heavy ceramic tubes and white, spool-like knobs, then you likely have this type of wiring. Second, check your outlets. A grounded outlet should have three prongs and, if they don’t, there’s a decent chance that you have knob and tube wiring.

Unfortunately, knob and tube wiring is sometimes hidden, making it difficult to detect. As such, it’s important to contact a licensed electrician for assistance.

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At Harris Electric, we can examine your home, determine if you have knob and tube wiring, and help you make your property safer. If you’d like to learn more, then consider calling for a free estimate. We’re proud to serve clients near Tacoma, WA, and the surrounding areas.

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